Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Our specialty is handling of hazardous chemicals in a safe and efficient manner. A few of our successful experiences are:

  • 25 February 14Hazardous chemicals handling our specialty

    A complete supply chain establishment of ACH handling wherein the Indian producer needed to ship in bulk due to cost considerations, a complete nitrogen blanketed repackaging system needed to be designed in Europe and the product delivered in ISO tank containers in Time bound and regular intervals all year round. We were instrumental in designing and operating the system in the initial stage and also got specially coated tank containers leased in a cost economic manner.

    This business is still operational after 7 successful years and manufacturer and end users are both saving costs and are benefited.
  • 13 December 2013Hazardous chemical logistics

    We came across a situation, wherein a European plant had an unplanned outage. They needed product which is difficult to handle in a fast and time bound manner to ensure their downstream production continued.

    We operationalized special tanks in a speedy and efficient manner, contributed to safe handling at producer’s and consumer’s end. In a competitive manner, we delivered the product for 4 months till their own production resumed. With the support of our European partners, we made sure the customer was happy and gave us more such challenging assignments.
  • 29 October 2013Hazardous chemicals handling

    An American customer was paying through his nose for a product which had only one US based supplier. We were approached by them, we designed and delivered drawings for specialized Intermediate containers for them. They could then buy the product from us in UN approved packaging and reduce their exposure to monopoly suppliers and handling costs were reduced dramatically using our special handling systems.
    Recently we have been approached by an American producer to supply form India a product which they were hitherto selling globally from USA. This has become inviable due to trade wars. Our role has been to identify Indian producers, who can produce quality, supply in timely manner and produce in a cost efficient way while making sure to pass all National and international environmental norms. In a short span of 3 weeks we have not only identified the potential suppliers, but even sampling has started after necessary agreements on pricing and quality are reached.
    One more such example is our replacing a multinational for supply of HCA from India in stead of Europe in the same fashion as if, it is coming from Europe. Our client at both ends are so happy, that they are looking towards making us their regular suppliers.