Custom Synthesis

Our specialized facilities can handle the most difficult projects, including multi step, complicated reactions. After initial commercial production, optimization of the process allows for the opportunity of a seamless transfer to a more cost efficient production facility. We have been successful in developing complicated chemistries and most stringent customer requirements.

  • We have custom Manufacturing facilities for 1 kg till 200 kgs.
  • We specialize in synthesis of Heterocycles, particularly for Tetrazoles, triazoles, Hydrazine derivatives and similar compounds
  • We have developed reaction capabilities in cynation, Hydrogenation, reduction, halogenation, formazan preparation, Nitration, formation of Azoic compounds by Diazotization.
  • We also have knowledge in formation of Adamantane derivatives.

Product Development Expertise

While we are a small company having limited resources, this has not stopped us from developing complex chemistries and achieving scale in an efficient and timely manner.

Some of the successful experiences from our customers are:
  • Supply of Tetrazolium salts
  • Dithizone
  • Neocuproine
  • Bathocuproine
  • 1,5 Diphenyl Carbohydrazide
  • Diphenyl Iodonium Nitrate
  • 1,10 phenanthroline ( still under development)

While we have some chemists regularly working with us for product development, on occasions, we have taken on the locally available pool of talent on project basis with us and developed products, which are meeting the customer needs.

Several such examples exist, one of which is development of Dithiooxamide. This compound, which has hardly two/three producers world wide, was needed by our established customer and he gave us this challenge to supply the product in a time bound manner. The product needed handling of Sodium Cyanide, which we could not do due to licensing issues. We identified a facility which had the necessary permissions and expertise. They designed the experiment, made the product and the rest is history. We fulfilled the need to the entire satisfaction of the customer.

One more example is N(1Naphthyl)ethylene Diamine Dihydrochloride. For this product, we have regular supplies now and we are the only ACS grade producer from India.