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About Primarius

With over 15 years of experience, Primarius offers multipurpose, custom synthesis capabilities and innovative technical expertise wherein proprietary chemicals can be produced in lab scale batches, pilot plant quantities or multi-ton commercial lots. We have been successful in developing complicated chemistry and most stringent customer requirements.

We have professionally experienced team, having international exposure in chemicals marketing and sourcing. The combined experience of the team is more than 50 years. The varied exposure of the group of executives is in the field of development of new chemical products and multi step synthesis,  handling of corrosive and hazardous chemicals in safe and efficient manner, legally compliant transport of chemicals internationally.

Having recently received Government clearance for production of more than 15 products at our site in the Chemical production zone of Nandesari, we have a kilo lab and a pilot plant facility, which is compliant with government regulations and rules for producing various laboratory chemicals. Having capacity to produce various chemicals dealing with Nitration, Reduction, Oxidation, Diazotization etc. we work closely with our customers to provide products of exacting specifications for their needs. The combined reactor volume is around 1000 liters and our pilot plant can handle around 3000 kilos of production a month.

Product Names & Formulas for Laboratory Chemicals

Product Names & Formulas for Laboratory Chemicals

Why Choose Us?

1Indepth knowledge of chemistry
2Expertise in hazardous chemical handling
3Strategic skills in logistics & legalities

4Maintaining relations over all levels of interactions
5Being in India which is a major chemical hub
6We have developed and nurtured customer relationships that have only grown stronger over the years.