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Speciality Chemicals Division:  


We initiated this activity to cater the Speciality Chemical needs of Pharmaceutical, Fine and Laboratory chemicals and Agrochemical Industries. The Aim was to help in the product development requirements of Various Organizations.

This division consists of Team of Industry professionals having vast experience in both the R&D; process design and Marketing Areas. The R &D helps in identifying new processes for sophisticated molecules; process design makes it possible to apply R & Dís ideas to practice; while the thorough Knowledge of market helps in sourcing the raw materials required in producing these molecules. Hence, here  is a rare combination of services to gain a competitive advantage.

We specialize in supplying highly specialized chemicals required to produce APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) etc. at a short notice.

We have been meeting the requirements of many of our client organizations by producing the special intermediates at Kilo Levels.

Some of our reaction capabilities are:

High Pressure Reactions


Friedel Craft acylation

Bromination Reaction

Chlorination Reaction

Reduction Reaction

Condensation Reaction

Grignard Reaction







Oxidation Reaction

Cyclisation Reaction


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